Me and Norden's Team

From the right to the left : Rhandy, Rudy, Aryo, and Frendy.

I would like to say thank you to my friend 'Novan',  in this session. Actually, i never imagine i will get a greatness experience in reality like nowadays. It start from a little conversation in middle December when he asked to me about find someome  to replace his position  in a job because he will back to Sulawesi’s for christmas. I answer, “Im in” even he is think my answer was just joke. But i persuase him with my own commitment.

In the middle December, I get a little brief from him about jobdesc that he give to me and i start to join with Norden team, replace him. It was an amazing experience, I dont believe that happen to me. I remember how awkward i am in a first moment. It’s all about how i am put myself into the team and adapting with another member here in early day. Thanks god, im so gratefull for this opportunities and the moment.

I meet with another great person here, Rudy, Frendy, Rhandy. And not forget, Aryo. Yup he teaching me so many thing, about leadership, professionalism, personality and self-confidence. He support me and always push me to be a better person and teach so many things about value of life.

"As a man, the first capital when you dont have anything is, yourself"


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