Gamelan, Still Exist and Will Not Be Eroded by Globalization

By Iqbal F - December 31, 2018

Javanese gamelan can be called as one form of ethnical music diversity in Indonesia. It turns out that in the present time the people's attention does not just disappear. In the 8th gamelan parade held in Klaten, Central Java on December 31, 2018, it can be proof that many still pay attention to this Gamelan. Besides the program, it was filled by various students from various universities in Yogyakarta Special Regency it turns out that the event was also filled by young people /I and also the ladies and gentlemen of local residents who had previously practised to bring gamelan music. This activity was held to coincide with the celebration of the new year 2019 with a variety of music / songs that were sung along with the arrangements.

The most interesting thing from this event is, that every participant who attended received one “othok-othok'' a traditional game that was played by swinging and playing which had been prepared by the committee to welcome the new year 2019. In addition, there were also 2 pieces of giant othok-othoks made from gallons and biscuit cans. A noisy atmosphere was created right at the end of 2018 because participants rang their othok-othok and all the organizers played their gamelan. It was even commanded by the elders of the event, between the audience holding othok-othok and all organizers from young children to adults who played gamelan alternately and shouted to the rhythm.

Gamelan Observer said that "Because Gamelan is ethnical music that played in a group and requires quite a lot of personnel, for the players, of course, coordination and harmonization are very important elements. Proper coordination between oneself on the left hand and right hand and also for the whole player will be very influential in real life in terms of how decisions are made in everyday life." Gamelan remains of our cultural wealth, so we have to take care of it together.


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